What will the weekly and daily programme look like?

Published on Thursday, August 31st, 2017

There will be an overarching kaupapa selected for each term such as Whakapapa / Genetics or Matariki / Astronomy (see the section on curriculum). Students will cover a wide range of disciplines including literacy and mathematics related to that topic.

The term programme will include wānanga on marae in the first week and again in the last week. Learning outside the classroom and frequent excursions will be an important and regular part of the programme.

The centre will open at 8am each morning. Focussed learning will happen from 10am to 4pm. The centre will remain open until 8pm allowing time for extra-curricular activities, self-directed learning and a range of whanau-focussed classes including te reo classes.

Each day will focus on a specialist subject – that is, the knowledge, skills and practical application of the specialist subject – such as science, mathematics, engineering, technology, and te reo. At least one morning per week will be dedicated to community service.

This programme will allow students to experience deep learning, to gain new insight and to discover new passions.

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